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Out with the old and in with the new.


Delivering Building Information Modeling (BIM) Pursuit, Production, & Support services across four main pillars.



Serving as a natural extension of your pursuit and production teams, MoraisTech affords our clients additional bandwidth and capacity without the traditional inheritance of margin sapping overhead and cost.  We are honoured that so many of our industry partners, large and small, consider us an integral component in their project bids and execution.  We help you get the best out of BIM saving you time, money, and increasing stakeholder trust.


3D Laser Scanning

Utilizing industry leading LIDAR (3D Laser Scanning) equipment and technology that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis across a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, engineering and media and entertainment. This allows us to develop highly accurate "as-built" BIM models and documentation unattainable by conventional methods. 


Media & Entertainment

Stunning Images, Videos, Animations and Virtual Tours to communicate and bring your ideas to life.  Additionally, we often utilize Building Information Models to develop High-Resolution visuals for our customers to be used in their Sales, Marketing, and overall Project Bid and Communications efforts.  With our team of visualization professionals, communicating design intent to a non-technical audience could not be easier. 


Training & Consulting

Let us show you just how cost effective and beneficial targeted production based training can be for your CAD users. We offer custom training for the complete line of Autodesk solutions, including Revit®, Navisworks®, ReCap®, BIM 360® and AutoCAD®.  It is no longer okay to receive basic "How to" CAD training.  Our clients will grasp workflows that streamline, enable and empower their organizations.


We are a Canadian owned firm partnering with General Contractors, Subtrades, Developers, City Planners, Architects and Engineers who strive for excellence, competency and speed in the delivery of on-time, on-budget projects in local and global markets.  

Buildings, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Real-estate are just a few industries we serve helping transform cities, regions and nations through a proven collaborative, transparent and relational approach. 

Our first-class service offerings and unparalleled proficiency with the world's leading design and virtual validation platforms affords our clients the confidence to pursue and execute on projects ranging from a small warehouse transformation to a multi-billion-dollar airport.

A few members of our family include…