Talbot Dam Rehabilitation

The Talbot Dam was originally constructed in 1905 and has only undergone one minor rehabilitation since then. Engineering investigations as a part of this program of work determined that the dam required replacement.

Construction work toward the dam’s replacement began in the early winter of 2018 and is scheduled for completion in late fall 2019. The dam is comprised of two sluices and is being replaced in phases so that water flow can continue to flow through one sluice of the dam even while construction takes place.

MoraisTech was contracted to deliver on 3 main directives:

  1. Precisely capture the current condition.

  2. Ensure geospatial accuracy of 1 cm or better.

  3. Produce a 3D model for comparative analysis.

Not only was MoraisTech able to exceed client expectations by delivering on all critical success factors, but the original scope was enriched to include tack sharp CAD sections, elevations and plans that will aid in the reconstruction effort.

Services: 3D Laser Scanning & BIM Modelling, Production Support


Project in collaboration with Demathieu Bard Construction.