Training & Consulting

We share all the knowledge acquired through the years spanning many different projects. Get the most out of BIM in an efficient, easy to understand way while mitigating the risks associated with your chosen technology platform.

  • BIM Implementation

  • BIM Project Execution Plans

  • Template Creation

  • Content Creation

  • Project Set Up

  • BIM models maintenance

  • BIM Training

  • Third Party Review for Ris

  • Mitigation (with BIM software)

Online or Onsite

LIVE Instructor-led Training offers your organization the opportunity to get productive without the costs, travel and disruption of offsite classroom-based courses.

  • Inconsistency when training a global workforce

  • Decrease in productivity when designers, engineers and managers are off site training

  • Increased cost of off site training and travel expenses associated with that training

  • Ignoring training requirements of employees working from a home office, job sharing situation or on contractual basis during heavy workload cycles

Utilizing the tools of technology such as live web based instruction has proven cost effective, time efficient and easily comprehended by the trainee. 

Our Advantage

Save 20% - 50% over classroom based "canned" instruction with our On-demand training for your Autodesk software technology. 

  • Users can access courses from anywhere: home, office, hotel room from most locations around the world

  • Eliminate travel and related costs

  • Provides online tracking and reporting of training progress for participants and managers

  • Allows for on-demand learning, as new versions of Autodesk software are released or implemented within your firm, users can be brought up to speed immediately

  • Affordable infrastructure; the trainees computer can easily access direct to desktop conferencing tools immediately or with very little upgrade required

  • Increased productivity and profitability with a consistently trained workforce having minimal downtime or project interruption experienced

Let MoriasTech Solutions show you just how cost effective and beneficial targeted training can be for your CAD users