MoraisTech Solutions Inc.: Revit Outsourcing Services


Need additional bandwidth in your Revit production team for a particular project? Looking for some new skills to add to your team without making the commitment to the increased overhead that comes with hiring, training and retaining a highly skilled Revit user? MoraisTech can help. Outsource your extra needs to us, and see how quickly we become a well-fitting part of your production machine.

We are a Canadian owned firm offering unparalleled services on a consultancy basis with building information modeling (BIM) and other design & visualization software. We partner with companies in a variety of industries including AEC, civil and manufacturing with the goal of enabling them to pursue and execute their projects with confidence and efficiency.

Learn more about how you can benefit from our real world experience.

Delivering Building Information Modeling (BIM) Pursuit, Production, & Support services across four main pillars.

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