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MoraisTech has worked with our extensive and constantly growing client family to perform 3D laser scanning and conversion to BIM processes, allowing these businesses to be more productive, produce impeccable work, and win new business.  LIDAR (3D Laser Scanning) equipment and technology creates as-built BIM models featuring precise analysis and depiction of existing structures. The completed digital model serves the needs of a variety of applications, including AEC, civil surveyors, facilities managers, manufacturers as well as media & entertainment.  

MoraisTech empowers organizations of all sizes by complementing their capabilities and increasing production capacity without the traditional costs associated with expanding a workforce.

Having consulted in BIM for many years across a broad range of industries and applications, our team members have acquired a significant body of knowledge. Recognizing that every project has its unique challenges, we are able to pull from our experience to share information that will enable you to get the most from BIM, in implementation, project set-up, maintenance of models over time, creating templates and execution plans, mitigating risk and more.  Take your project to the next level with the added dimension of real-time walkthroughs and visualizations through BIM modeling. Our services in providing stunning visuals can help you bring your project to life for your stakeholders, and showcase progress as well as intent.  

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Whether you are the building owner/developer, or the architect, engineer or contractor on a project, MoraisTech's building information modeling services empowers your organization and complements your capabilities to make sure you get the most out of BIM. Let us show you how we can operate as an extension of your production team, without adding to your overhead.  LIDAR technology translates point cloud information into BIM models with precise accuracy, even in difficult to reach spaces and even when the geometry is extraordinarily complex or large. This modeling technique is invaluable in situations where the data is not attainable by conventional methods, but it's equally valuable in less challenging circumstances for its precision and efficiency.  

We are a Canadian owned firm offering unparalleled services on a consultancy basis with building information modeling (BIM) and other design & visualization software. We partner with companies in a variety of industries including AEC, civil and manufacturing with the goal of enabling them to pursue and execute their projects with confidence and efficiency.

Need additional bandwidth in your Revit production team for a particular project? Looking for some new skills to add to your team without making the commitment to the increased overhead that comes with hiring, training and retaining a highly skilled Revit user? MoraisTech can help. Outsource your extra needs to us, and see how quickly we become a well-fitting part of your production machine.  Imagine setting up a piece of equipment in a finished space, and using its technology to capture in 3D all of the measurements and analysis necessary to create a precise digital model of that existing physical space, and accompanying documentation. No more guesswork. No more inaccuracies. Imagine the possibilities.  

Delivering Building Information Modeling (BIM) Pursuit, Production, & Support services across four main pillars.

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