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Over 60% are not skilled with their software

With such major advancements in technology and the functionality in 2D and 3D software for the design and engineering world, why are the AEC, manufacturing and media and entertainment industries slow in making the transition to these latest trends in software?

Greatest Challenges:

  • Unskilled software users
  • Industry adoption of latest software releases
  • Inability to implement 3D software into the project cycle
Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software tools. But no matter how great the tool, placed in the hands of an untrained user simply means they can do a lot of damage even faster.

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The MoraisTech Difference is all about leaning your training path

Our company offers clear and decisive options to meet your training and implementation needs. We believe training delivered in a streamlined and targeted way, and within a timeframe directed by our clients is proving to be more effective than traditional methods.

MoraisTech Solutions Inc. offers the following progressive training methods for the complete line of Autodesk software technology:

Training is vital. Local and global markets in today’s economy drive us to strive for excellence, competency and speed in the delivery of on-time, on-budget projects. Consistently upgrading our knowledge of industry practices and skill sets is obvious, but the path we choose to achieve these goals must be cost effective...

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