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MoraisTech Solutions Inc.: Training in Autodesk Revit

Our company offers clear options to meet your needs for implementation and training in Autodesk Revit.

Onsite Revit Training

It's no longer acceptable to receive basic "How To Use" training, particularly on a sophisticated product such as Autodesk Revit. A custom targeted training plan aligns this technology tool with its practical use in your specific industry sector. It extends the knowledge to include an understanding of how Revit is being used within your industry to collaborate digitally and streamline processes within your project cycle. What's more, having employees trained onsite saves on course costs and project downtime.

Web-Based Revit Tutorials

Scheduled or on-demand web-based training offers a 20% to 50% savings over classroom based training, as well as other advantages such as online tracking & reporting of trainees' progress, accessibility of courses from anywhere, consistency in training across the workforce, and minimal downtime or project interruption. Each tutorial program by MoraisTech Solutions delivers hands-on breakout sessions, follow-up progress reports and expert instructor-led classes.

Review our online schedule of Autodesk Revit training programs and course tutorial descriptions. Or request more information about learning Revit Architecture or Revit MEP at (519) 512-0359 or info@moraistech.com.

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